Market Reports

Rejoining our Market Report Distribution List

Accidentally marking our report emails as "spam" will remove you from our email distribution lists. This happens frequently with AOL customers as the [spam] button is next to [delete] button and easily confused. (BAD design on AOL's part). 

Please understand that we cannot undo a spam report/ removal initiated by the recipient.  The recipient must rejoin themself.

Rejoin the Email List

1) Login to the Listbox "Subscriber" tab. Use your email and our List ID ( -or- ) to login. No password is needed.

2) Click on the "Rejoin Now" link.

3) You will be sent a confirmation email. Click on the "Join McClellan Daily Edition" or "Join McClellan Market Report" link. 

If you do not receive the confirmation email after a few minutes, please check your "Spam" folder. 

4) After clicking on the Join link in the email, you should start receiving your McClellan Market Report -or- Daily Edition reports again via email in 24-48 hours. New issues may be delivered to the spam folder of your email account.   If so be sure to mark our emails as "not-spam" to help prevent spam folder problems in the future.

Thanks for your patience with this process.