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Chart In Focus
June 07, 2012

This is a test CIF example. This was created to show off the new "preview" page(s).  New CIF entries are now created with a "Closed" status as default. This article's status is set to "closed" and is only visable on the cif_preview pages. (and only visible to logged in EE admins. )
Shows the index of CIF entrys, including closed articles. Links on this page go to the preview articles.
is an example of the CIF entry preview.

Preview pages are only visable when logged into EE as an admin. 

I plan to have a Menu page that links and unifies all the admin auxiliary pages:

- Report sending page(s)
- CIF Preview Page(s)
- CIF embed sending page (to send embeded CIF to Pragcap and Decision Point)  



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