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XIV Volume Showing Sign of a Price Top

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The short VIX trade has been described recently as “the most crowded trade” out there.  But traders of XIV, an inverse VIX ETN, have not been all that excited about it lately, judging by the trading volume.  And that says we have a topping condition for prices.

XIV invests in the two nearest month VIX futures contracts, so it is not a pure inverse VIX product.  The VIX futures sometimes behave a little bit differently from the spot VIX Index, and so anyone trading XIV should understand what... Read More



NYSE: 09/22/2017

 Issues Volume(000s)
Advances 1884   1757587
Declines 1062   994288
Difference 822   763299
10% Trend 331 . 403 409294
5% Trend 260 . 959 276514
McC OSC 70 . 444 132780
PRIOR McC OSC 45 . 461 119066
SUMM Index 2975 . 595 1570123
PRIOR SUMM Index 2905 . 152 1437343
A-D for OSC UNCH 402   542 *
A-D for OSC=0 -1007   -2114 *
*million shares
DJIA Close 22349.59
PRIOR Close 22359.23
DJIA CHG -9.64
DOW Price OSC 158.53
PRIOR DOW Price OSC 154.31
Price OSC UNCH'D 22293.28
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