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T-Bonds Repeating Pattern of Year Ago

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This time, the headline says it all.

So many investors believe that it is the Fed that determines interest rates, and thus bond prices.  Or alternatively, it is the mysterious force of inflation that drives interest rates.  But the current evidence suggests it is just the calendar which is really in charge. 

Seasonality is not historically a part of how T-Bond prices behave.  You can calculate an annual seasonal pattern for anything.  That does not mean it will be meaningful, or reliable.... Read More



NYSE: 05/02/2016

 Issues Volume(000s)
Advances 1952   2069063
Declines 1141   1699834
Difference 811   369229
10% Trend 373 . 842 377148
5% Trend 375 . 798 430171
McC OSC -1 . 956 -53024
PRIOR McC OSC -27 . 624 -55351
SUMM Index 4775 . 582 4778925
PRIOR SUMM Index 4777 . 538 4831949
A-D for OSC UNCH 372   324 *
A-D for OSC=0 411   1385 *
*million shares
DJIA Close 17891.16
PRIOR Close 17773.64
DJIA CHG 117.52
DOW Price OSC 221.66
PRIOR DOW Price OSC 230.64
Price OSC UNCH'D 18066.80
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