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Yield Curve’s Effect Thwarted By Fed’s Actions

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The Fed’s fingerprints are all over the charts.  Whether or not that is a good thing depends upon one’s point of view.  

The yield curve still matters, in spite of former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s 2007 assertions to the contrary.  During testimony on February 14, 2007 before the Senate Banking Committee, the following interchange took place:


Senator Bunning: "You are telling us today that an inverted yield curve down the road will not affect the economy.  Did I misunderstand that,... Read More



NYSE: 12/19/2014

 Issues Volume(000s)
Advances 2052   3944460
Declines 1132   1757653
Difference 920   2186807
10% Trend 164 . 413 330587
5% Trend 110 . 233 129977
McC OSC 54 . 180 200610
PRIOR McC OSC 12 . 845 102617
SUMM Index 1614 . 709 -505721
PRIOR SUMM Index 1560 . 529 -706331
A-D for OSC UNCH 219   531 *
A-D for OSC=0 -865   -3481 *
*million shares
DJIA Close 17804.80
PRIOR Close 17778.15
DJIA CHG 26.65
DOW Price OSC 92.22
PRIOR DOW Price OSC 84.40
Price OSC UNCH'D 17680.34
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