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AAPL Not Confirming Market’s Higher Highs

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The share price of Apple Corp (Nasdaq: AAPL) is not making higher highs along with the Nasdaq 100 Index, and historically that has indicated a problem for the overall market. 

AAPL is the largest component of the Nasdaq 100, and accounts for 12% of the index’s calculation based on the modified capitalization weighting of that index.  So it is natural that there is going to be a strong correlation in the price plots.  When the two are doing the same thing, that is what’s expected, and so it... Read More



NYSE: 10/20/2017

 Issues Volume(000s)
Advances 1793   2043194
Declines 1168   1264522
Difference 625   778672
10% Trend 234 . 194 182567
5% Trend 249 . 090 210832
McC OSC -14 . 896 -28265
PRIOR McC OSC -38 . 534 -64612
SUMM Index 3624 . 959 2362698
PRIOR SUMM Index 3639 . 855 2390963
A-D for OSC UNCH 219   154 *
A-D for OSC=0 517   720 *
*million shares
DJIA Close 23328.63
PRIOR Close 23163.04
DJIA CHG 165.59
DOW Price OSC 291.70
PRIOR DOW Price OSC 277.00
Price OSC UNCH'D 23106.47
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