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After 10 years of having stimulative interest rate policy, the Fed started having restrictive short term rates.  We say that based on a comparison between the Fed Funds target rate and the 2-year T-Note yield, shown in the chart above.  The 2-year T-Note yield is the best guide for where... Read More



NYSE: 04/09/2020

 Issues Volume(000s)
Advances 2584   6236922
Declines 422   1662721
Difference 2162   4574201
10% Trend 460 . 226 1083721
5% Trend 99 . 593 187836
McC OSC 360 . 633 895885
PRIOR McC OSC 280 . 094 738915
SUMM Index -1249 . 760 -6184600
PRIOR SUMM Index -1610 . 393 -7080485
A-D for OSC UNCH 821   1980 *
A-D for OSC=0 -6392   -15938 *
*million shares
DJIA Close 23719.37
PRIOR Close 23433.57
DJIA CHG 285.80
DOW Price OSC -1176.60
PRIOR DOW Price OSC -1313.94
Price OSC UNCH'D 21253.20
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