Special Market Reports


The Intersection of Stock Market & Political Races

Back in 2000, we first began exploring the relationship between polling data in the presidential election and the movements of the stock market. That relationship continues now as it did then, with the incumbent party benefiting when the stock market goes… more

It’s the PRIVATE Economy That Matters

    There was a saying that became popular among politicians and others during the Clinton presidency, reminding people to focus on the economy as the important task.  We’ll spare you that saying, and the negative epithet it contains, since you probably… more

Hindenburg Omen Signaled, But Also Not

Thursday August 12, 2010 was a Hindenburg Omen day, and it also was not. There is a rules conflict which does not matter very often, but matters this time. You can get an overview of what this signal is about at… more

S&P 500: First day of the month tendency

I did a study recently, looking at the behavior of the SP500 on the first trading day of a new calendar month.  It has long been said that pension fund flows and automatic mutual fund investments for 401Ks, etc. tend to… more

Oil Prices Could Be Our Boll Weevil

In the center of the old downtown in Enterprise, Alabama, in the middle of the main intersection, sits the Boll Weevil Monument. We’re not kidding, it is a real monument to an insect pest which damages cotton crops. I once lived… more

Fed Waking Up To Inflation Problem

You have probably heard a lot more worrying about inflation reflected lately in the comments from Fed officials. There is good reason for them to worry, and they should have been worried long before now. The point which has to be… more

Does Crude Oil Exhibit Support/Resistance Behavior?

The notion of static support/resistance levels that we all are acquainted with from stock charts is not applicable to charts of commodities. If this were a stock chart, then the notion of seeing the price level of a prior high turn… more

Sherman McClellan’s Presentation to the Market Technicians Association

First of all I would like to thank the president of the Market Technicians Association, Fred Meissner, and the MTA board of directors for bestowing this honor of a lifetime achievement for pioneering in technical analysis in the 1960s and 1970s… more

Wall St. Does Not Like Attention From Washington

The daily catch phrase in the news lately is “accounting scandal”. In fact, it seems that we seldom hear the word accounting all by itself any more without the suffix. Without more pressing problems to occupy its time, the press and… more

Wars, Disasters, and Their Impact on the Market

Special Edition, September 12, 2001 The tragic attacks on the U.S. on Tuesday will affect the entire world for many years to come. The mission for the moment is to take care of the dead and the wounded, and their loved… more