History and Background


20 Years Publishing This Newsletter

It was in April 1995 that we first started publishing this newsletter.  That makes it 20 years ago this month. When we first started out, it was all printed and mailed.  The Internet was already around in 1995, but almost no… more

Who First Came Up With Moving Averages?

Technical analysts have been using moving averages now for several decades.  They are so ubiquitous in our work that most of us do not know where they came from. Statisticians categorize Moving Averages as part of a family of tools for… more

Meaning of Short, Intermediate, and Long Term Time Frames

Everyone has different definitions for these things, and so you are wise to ask for clarification. We view these different length opinions not so much as a forecast which extends out a certain distance into the future, but rather as being… more

West Coast Cycles Club

West Coast Cycles Club (WCCC) westcoastcyclesclub.com wcccinfo2@gmail.com Here is the story as best I understand it. The Foundation for the Study of Cycles was incorporated in 1941 by Edward Dewey, who was one of the guys tasked by Roosevelt to figure… more

Optionetics Interview with Tom McClellan

Optionetics: How did you first become interested in trading the markets?I grew up in a house where tracking the stock market with charts was a daily occurrence.  My parents developed the McClellan Oscillator and Summation Index back in 1969, when I… more

Sherman McClellan’s Presentation to the Market Technicians Association

First of all I would like to thank the president of the Market Technicians Association, Fred Meissner, and the MTA board of directors for bestowing this honor of a lifetime achievement for pioneering in technical analysis in the 1960s and 1970s… more