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Managed Accounts Programs

Through an affiliated firm, investors can take advantage of the McClellans' stock market insights by investing in a managed accounts program utilizing mutual fund switching. Global Investment Solutions, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) located in Newport Beach, California. In addition to The McClellan Stock Optimizer Program and The McClellan Equity Allocation Program, Global offers several other managed account programs. Global's goal is to offer management services specifically tailored to better serve its clients' investment needs.

When Sherman and Tom began their Daily Edition, they realized that not everyone would have the opportunity to follow their market signals on a daily basis. They wanted investors who appreciated the McClellans' analysis to have an opportunity to invest in a manner that would be similar to the short-term opinion that their analysis provided.

Global Investment Solutions has made arrangements with McClellan Financial Publications, Inc. to make investments on behalf of managed clients. McClellan Financial Publications Inc. provides the investment analysis directly to Global Investment Solutions. If the analysis determines that an asset needs to be purchased or sold, Global will make the investment on behalf of a managed client.

Global offers three separate programs associated with the McClellans' analysis:

McClellan Stock Optimizer Program

This program invests in either bullish or bearish index mutual funds within the Rydex family of mutual funds based on the McClellans' analysis of the short term prospects for the overall stock market. The program shifts assets among a variety of no-load mutual funds.Each of the portfolios offered are designed to provide a different investment opportunity including long or short several stock market indices.With the McClellan analysis, the program can be invested long, short, or neutral (money market) at any given time as determined by analysis of the market's action. Complete performance information about this program is available upon request.

This program is tracked by Select Advisors, which follows the performance of over 500 managed accounts programs. A recent press release from Select Advisors listed the McClellan Stock Optimizer Program (with Roger Kliminski as Portfolio Manager) as being in the top 10 for risk-adjusted return for the 12 months ended March 31, 2002. For more details, read the entire press release: Schreiner Press Release


McClellan Equity Allocation Program

Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) are a relatively new product available to investors. Some of the more well known ETFs are the Standard and Poors Depository Receipts (SPDRs, or Spiders), and the Nasdaq 100 Index Tracking Stock (QQQQ). A new family of ETFs known as iShares was introduced by Barclays Global Investors, and these are based on a large variety of broad based stock market indices and sectors.

For the McClellan ETF Program, we limit the selection to just four of these funds:

Large Cap Value:

Russell 1000 Value Index Fund (IWD)

Large Cap Growth:

Russell 1000 Growth Index Fund (IWF)

Small Cap Value:

Russell 2000 Value Index Fund (IWN)

Small Cap Growth:

Russell 2000 Growth Index Fund (IWO)

Market leadership tends to ebb and flow between large cap and small cap stocks, and between "growth" and "value" categories as well. Our research has determined that by correctly identifying the relative strength leader among these four basic categories, a theoretical portfolio can dramatically outperform broader market indices. We also apply the McClellans' analysis of the overall market's structure to avoid periods when a negative environment affects all four categories.

This new ETF program was initiated in October 2001, and performance statistics may be obtained by calling Global Investment Solutions.


RS 2000 Program

This program combines signals from two different areas. One half of the portfolio is controlled by judging whether the Russell 2000 Growth Index is leading in relative strength compared to the Russell 2000 Value Index, going into either the Rydex Mekros Fund or the Money Market Fund depending on that relative strength condition. The other half is invested in either the Mekros Fund, the Money Market Fund, or the Rydex Ursa Fund (short the SP500) depending on a short term breadth signal. This breadth signal can act as a short term hedge against an intermediate term relative strength signal. It is an entirely mechanical system, with no subjective interpretation added to affect positions.


For details of these management programs including performance and fees, please contact:

Global Investment Solutions, LLC

1300 Bristol Street North, Suite #208
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
(866) 547-3123 or (949) 660-7960

Disclaimer: As a Registered Investment Adviser, it is important for Global Investment Solutions to understand the needs of its clients and to determine the suitability of investments made on their behalf. The information contained above is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation to apply for, securities or investment advisory services in any jurisdiction where such offer or invitation is unlawful, or in which the person making such offer is not qualified to do so, or to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. This information is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, a public offering of securities. No regulatory authority has passed judgment on the merits or suitability of the services offered hereunder, and any representation to the contrary is unlawful.