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I’m not receiving my market report email (?)

If you did not receive an issue of the McClellan Market Report or Daily Edition via email, it may have been mistakenly caught in an anti-spam filter. You can also check to see if your subscription is still active on your Account page.



When is the Daily Edition published?

  ~7PM Pacific

Between 6PM & 8PM Pacific, The Daily Edition goes out by email and gets uploaded to our web site as soon as it is ready. 

Fridays with the COT data to go through, it ends to be more like 8 PM.

We never hold up delivery for any reason, and any delays are related to the time it takes to get the issue prepared, and the occasional electronic glitch.


Email Whitelist Instructions

To make sure our email messages get through to you, please "whitelist" our email addresses. "Whitelisting" is typically accomplished by adding us to your "trusted list" of