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Market Report FAQs


Which Report should I get?

Our twice monthly McClellan Market Report is meant to give the "big picture" of what the trend is now for the markets, and when that trend is likely to change. We talk about larger themes, including the way that Fed policy and intramarket


Do you offer a free trial?

We now offer a "low-cost" 14 day trial of the Daily Edition.   We sadly no-longer offer a "free" $0 trial due to peoeple abusing the trial signing up fradulent accounts. 

You can also download a number of sample issues from our Daily Edition and McClellan Market Report pages to help you see what they are like, and whether they would be right for you.


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Short Term & Long Term Definitions

When we refer to Short Term and Long Term; these divisions refer to trading styles rather than being a forecast extending out for some time period into the future. 

"Short term" trader would be one wanting to make trades every few days.

"Intermediate" every few weeks.

"Long term" is every few months. 

There is understandably some blurring of the edges of these categories, but they represent a useful way to help think about what is happening.


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Managed Accounts Programs

Through an affiliated firm, investors can take advantage of the McClellans' stock market insights by investing in a managed accounts program utilizing mutual fund switching. Global Investment Solutions, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser