Market Reports - PreSale

Which Report should I get?

Our twice monthly McClellan Market Report is meant to give the "big picture" of what the trend is now for the markets, and when that trend is likely to change. We talk about larger themes, including the way that Fed policy and intramarket forces can affect prices. The twice monthly newsletter also provides our proprietary "Timing Model" predictive signals, which generate dates of future market turning points from a mathematical analysis of price and breadth data.

The Daily Edition is meant for people who need more frequent market information, either for help in understanding the shorter term moves of the markets, or to have a steady flow of our analysis in between issues of the twice monthly newsletter.

The best way to understand the market's behavior is to get both reports, so that you can see both the big picture and the close up analysis. If you sign up for both, and then decide that one or the other is not for you, then we can cancel or adjust your subscription, either refunding or crediting you for the remainder of your unused subscription.