Market Data Questions

Calculating Indicators in Daily Edition Table

Can you tell me how I can calculate the values you list for the major indices in the big table of your Daily Edition?

If you are running any sort of TA platform, then the 10% Trend and 5% Trend are what others call a 19-day and 39-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

If you are doing your analysis in a spreadsheet as we do, then you can get a sample of a calculation spreadsheet from the data page on our web site. To build the formulae from scratch:

10%T(today) = 0.1 x Price(today) + 0.9 x 10%T(yesterday)

5%T(today) = 0.05 x Price(today) + 0.95 x 5%T(yesterday)

The Price Oscillator is simply the difference between those two EMAs.

The Oscillator Unchanged value is the price at which the Price Oscillator would be exactly flat, i.e. not rising nor falling. It is found as:

OSC UNCH = 10%T + Price Oscillator

The Sum/10 calculation is a little bit more complicated.  You can approximate it as 5%T - Price Oscillator, but that is not it exactly.  To calculate it, you run a Summation Index of all previous Price Oscillator values.  Use a starting value for this Summation Index series equal to 10 times the first closing price in your data set.  To get the Sum/10 value, divide each day’s Summation Index by 10, which puts it back into the realm of where prices are.

I hope that answers your questions.